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Brindley Pritchard
Narina Cloete
Kadu Gavi
Danielle Jordaan
Machdel Basson
Janine Van der Merwe
Urna van Heyningen







About The Artist

At the age of 12 Brindley realized the significance of art and his father realized he had great talent.  Years of formal art training in Pretoria followed, and his early career was filled with many murals, as well as portraits and interiors in oil.  At that time he was especially drawn to the rich texture and color found in textiles, but also found himself not satisfied with only depicting the visual scene. He started delving into the rich world of the human condition, and portraying the scenes in their lives that could tell a thousand stories.  A fruitful time of painting commissions and murals in South-Africa, Dubai and Germany followed.  Forward to 2014 - his own story has made a great turn, and the reason for that change has become the focus of his art. he met Christ and now strive to capture the spiritual presence and reality of each setting.
The first work in this category was the Last Supper, and a portrait of Jesus followed.
The identity of his talent has found itself in detailed realism. The challenge that light and nature brings is the chosen anvil that he use to create every painting on. His prospect is to rely more in the future on brushwork alone, and the freshness of it.



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