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Brindley Pritchard
Narina Cloete
Kadu Gavi
Danielle Jordaan
Machdel Basson
Janine Van der Merwe
Urna van Heyningen







About The Artist

Janine and her husband is Capetonians and the parents of three daughters. She was privileged to be a homemake and now that the youngest daughter is finishing school, Janine can spend more time on her passion to paint.
Janine's passion to paint started about 10 years ago with portraits as a topic. She loved painting faces because each face told a different unique story.

She says that she would pray over something and the Lord would show her a picture in her heart. She would then paint that prayer on canvas - it was special to see how the puzzle came together.
In 2016 Janine developed a special passion for the Protea Flower. She received five Protea Flowers as a present from a friend and she lost her heart on this flower - she

"I see the Protea with the same qualities our beautiful country have : unique and absolutely beautiful. It is such a privilege to say what I feel with a paintbrush in my hand and to glorify our Father in such a way."



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