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Brindley Pritchard
Narina Cloete
Kadu Gavi
Danielle Jordaan
Machdel Basson
Janine Van der Merwe
Urna van Heyningen







About The Artist

A winemaker by trade with a passion for the beautiful things in life.  Ranging from an excellent glass of wine to a dazzling wedding or a mesmerizing painting to a spectacular sunset.
Since she could remember Narina loved to draw and be creative.  Narina’s solo medium was pencil, which she used especially on subjects like elephants and rhino’s.  In 2014 after a trip to Israel she was really creatively stirred and tried out Acrylic paint and loved it.  Now she is creative in both media and are starting to try out watercolours as well.
Narina thinks is pictures and her inspiration comes from beautiful settings, travelling, “downloads” she receives from her heavenly Father and visualizing verses from the Word. 


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