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About The Artist

Even as a child, Urna was fascinated by and drawn to the beauty of the Creator’s designs visible everywhere in nature. Although art class was her favourite throughout her years at school, she studied and later worked in a different profession, which left her little time to 'play with her paint brushes’. Shortly after moving from Pretoria to Stellenbosch because of her husband’s work, the Van Heyningen family expanded to include two toddlers, and Urna found that she could slowly start expressing herself through her art again. Soon these became precious moments of learning, prayer and healing during a season in Urna’s life where she had to face many challenges.

However, since we was finding such joy in these moments, there came a time when she had to come to terms with a degree of inner conflict about the notion that painting and drawing, seemingly, are selfish indulgences and that one should rather direct one’s time and energy towards  a  more ‘honourable calling’. Today, she is happy in the knowledge that the passion she has been blessed with is a gift that she can put to use to honour the glory of the Creator and his creations.

Urna is especially drawn to portraying birds and flowers as they remind her of Jesus’ promises in Luke 12:24 and 27. “Sometimes,” she says, “I focus on small objects of seemingly little significance and draw attention to them by exaggerating their size. To me, this signifies that we sometimes see ourselves as small and unimportant in the bigger scheme of things while, in fact, we were created by God through His Word with utmost precision for a very specific purpose, one no other substitute can fulfil.

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