Artists : Machdel Basson


Oil painting done on stretched canvas
(3 cm thick) Painting does not need to be framed

Size of canvas 840 x 1090mm


I was born in Stellenbosch and we use to visit my grandfathers farm in Worcester/Western cape. We loved taking walks in the mountains and I was from a young age so inspired by the beauty of nature. My mom and granddad teach me to love and explore the fynbos on the mountains at a very young age. She especially love Nerinas although she has a soft spot for proteas. She grew up in the Boland. THis is our heritage. For me the ultimate is to sit in nature and paint how I experience it. It is not a mere replica but very much a spiritual experience. For me it is a time of praise and worship. Living in Stellenbosch now me and my husband often travel in country to see and experience the beauty.

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